Vista Heritage Room

A time travel

There is a new boutique hotel in town, Amerikalinjen, located in The Norwegian America Line’s venerable headquarters that opened their doors in 1919. This vibrant boutique hotel is designed for the modern explorer, and aim to convey the legacy of its past resident. And when creating the heritage room for them, that is what we aimed to do.

In transit
This is the place where the journey began for thousands of hopeful Norwegians. Many of the passengers would arrive by train from small towns and cities to the central station, which still is located next door to the headquarters. Full of expectations they would deliver their duffle bags and cabin trunks with their most valuable possession, ready to embark on a journey to the land of opportunities.

The heritage room
The building itself is in Neo-Baroque style, designed by the architects Bjercke and Eliassen, and certainly made an impression back in the day and still do. On the second floor of this building is a small space, 20m2 that we had the pleasure to put our creative skills in use. Walls, floors and ceiling were listed, so it was all about working around the constrains.

To reflect the history of the building and its location, the key elements in the design was to mirror the journey of our fortune seeking ancestors. The idea was to translate that into modern day traveling, inviting the guest at Amerikalinjen to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

The massive 3x3m oak door welcomes you into the intimate space with seating inspired by historical train compartments. The bookcase is a link to the new Deichman Library, which opens in March 2020. All materials and props were carefully selected to complement the architecture and interior design of Amerikalinjen.

«We wanted the design to resonate with the clientel, and through the shape and form of the furniture, express the dynamic age of travel through the high point of the Art Deco period»

Channelling the history of the former tenant and creating a hospitable and exciting space for the hotels guest to use.

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