Oslo International School Library

The power of imagination

The reminiscent of childhood magic is for many reading and creating stories. You would enter a world where everything was possible and the fairytale unbelievable. So we decided to create magic inside the pre-schoolers library at the Oslo International School located at Bekkestua. Let’s build a huge tree, we thought! And then we did! As we are in the business of creating imaginative spaces, and we love to attack and solve the task of our imagination.

The room itself is 70-80 square meters, slightly teardrop-shaped, with skylight windows, initially furnished with generic bookcases, lecture room tables and chairs. We set off to transform it into a haven of bespoke, functional fantasy objects, inspired by the rich gallery of Norse Mythology. Every aspect of the design was set to spark imagination and daydreaming.

Yggdrasil and Nests
The main object in the room is the Yggdrasil, a 2,7-meter high tree structure. The base is 5 square meters, built-in solid oak, with a seating area for teachers. The trunk and branches are upholstered by hand, with soft and tactile, wool material. Its branches reach up to the ceiling and out into the whole of the space, covered with maple leaves. The kids can climb into the trunk of the tree and enjoy their books in an enclosed and soft space. The tree was built off-site in our large studio in Oslo and assembled on-site.

At the end of each branch you find, The Nests. Geodesic shaped reading nooks, covered in wool felt. The interior of The Nests is padded and upholstered with wool fabric. The felt has a soundproofing effect, perfect for reading. These domes are custome made by Artisan Tech and possible to scale up and down in size and have it dressed in different colours. Suitable for any of our client’s spaces if they wish to have one.

«Our main goal was to create an environment that would fulfil the clients brief - A fantastical space, comfortable and functional, with a Norwegian emphasis. The Norse Sagas was the first stop for inspiration. The central element of the room, Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree of knowledge seemed fitting for a library.» — Damian Williams, CEO and designer / Artisan Tech

Project Information