About Artisan

We challenge the industry by doing things differently. We adhere to imaginative and unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions. We create fantastic experiences for people within public spaces, libraries, or museums, and make space for free-thinking for everyone to enjoy.

The founder of Artisan Tech is Damian Williams, an Englishman based in Oslo, Norway. With his background in the arts, and the spirit of a maker, he’s worked in the film industry on major feature titles and television series.

Now, he channels his experience with creating atmospheres for stories into developing spaces for the public to discover, driven by cross-collaboration with thinkers, developers, architects, designers, sculptors, painters, carpenters and makers alike.

We develop ideas.

If you have an idea for a space, we can help you develop a concept and aesthetic around it.

We help innovate.

We provide design and production competence to companies in need of increased competitiveness.

We are makers.

We create objects, sculptures, installations and spaces, or improve existing ones. Our team provides all aspects of the design and development process.